Bedwars Game

01. 24. 2023

Bedwars Game

Hypixel was the original inventor of Bedwars. It has since become a popular feature on Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers.

Bedwars is a game mode that pits players against one another, usually in four-player teams. The goal is to destroy the enemy's bed and protect their own. Players have the option of equipping swords, bows, arrows, or armor.

Minecraft Bedrock servers that are best for Bedwars have thousands, if not millions of players, great mechanics, and unique map. This list will highlight the best Bedrock servers that players can join.

Not all Minecraft servers are listed below in a particular order. They only reflect the views of the editor. Other views may be different!

The top 5 most popular Minecraft Bedrock servers in 2021

#5 LBSG Bedwars – IP:

LBSG is a popular Minecraft Bedrock Edition server, with thousands of people playing at any given time. LBSG offers several popular gamemodes such as Skyblock, Factions and Kit-PvP.

Bedwars can be played on LBSG as a duo, solo or quad. LBSG has a map voting system that allows users to vote for their favourite maps before the game starts.

#4 CubeCraft Games IP:

CubeCraft, an OG Minecraft server, will not need to be introduced to long-time users. CubeCraft was founded on Minecraft's Java Edition. It has been up for over 8 years. The server supports Bedrock, however, as of 2021.

CubeCraft's Bedwars mode is known as “EggWars”. It retains all the mechanics and objectives of the familiar Bedwars mode. Instead of protecting beds, players protect eggs.

#3 Mineplex – IP: (or

Mineplex, a huge Minecraft server network, once held the title for the most popular Minecraft server in the world. Although its glory days are long gone, Bedrock players will be delighted to know that the server now accepts Bedrock clients.

Mineplex's “Cake Wars”, a unique version of Bedwars, is a great option for those looking for a Bedwars-esque gaming mode.

Due to the slight variations in the items available in the upgrade shop (e.g. snowballs and bear traps) many players prefer Cake Wars over regular Bedwars.

#2 HyperLands – IP:

Hyperlands, despite being a new server, is quickly becoming one of the most popular places for Bedrock players who want to play PvP-related games such as Bridge, Skywars and Bedwars.

Hyperlands is known for its low latency network, optimized servers for PvP and minimal lag. Players can be sure they will not experience any lag issues when connected to them.

#1 NetherGames – IP:

NetherGames, also known as the “Hypixel” of Minecraft Bedrock, is one of the most well-known and popular flagship Minecraft Bedrock servers. It boasts tens to thousands of players at peak times. It is also the best place to play Bedwars, in the Bedrock Edition.

NetherGames offers gameplay that attempts to replicate Hypixel as closely possible. This is the best Minecraft Bedrock Edition experience you can get.

Bedrock players should now be familiar with NetherGames, as ranked Bedwars matches are rumored to be imminent.