Best Minecraft hosting (for servers)

01. 14. 2023

Best Minecraft hosting (for servers)

Minecraft is more than a videogame.

Minecraft is not just for the younger generation. Adults are equally attracted to this gaming phenomenon. It has sold over 200 million copies and continues to be one of the most popular game franchises.

There are many dedicated servers for Minecraft multiplayer. But, don't forget to register your IP on Minecraft servers to avoid any third-party access. We have you covered if you want a safer way to play. Although there have been many new server hosting websites in this year, the most popular Minecraft server hosting companies are still highly sought-after.

We've compiled a list of the top Minecraft hosting services as of January 2022 and listed the key attributes that made them stand out to be included on our shortlist.

What is a Minecraft server exactly?

You've probably played Minecraft before and know that multiplayer makes the game more enjoyable. Minecraft is a great game for teamwork.

A Minecraft server allows players to create a private network for multiplayer play. You can restrict IP addresses and usernames to limit the access to the server. Also, you can set up commands and settings to allow other players to use it. These can include rules, enabling PvP and limiting the number players.

Servers for Minecraft require hardware to function. If you choose to host, there will be a rental fee.

The top three Minecraft server hosting deals for 2022

Hostinger – The best Minecraft server host. With Hostinger's game panel, you can set up your Minecraft VPS server within five minutes. Hostinger's Alex plan is available for a 1 year subscription at $4.95 per monthly. This includes 2GB RAM, two vCPUs and dedicated IP for up 10 slots.

Shockbyte – Minecraft server hosting that has a great reputation. Shockbyte offers 12 plans with the cheapest starting at $2.50 per monthly. Shockbyte's Dirt plan provides 1GB RAM and unlimited bandwidth.

Apex Hosting promises lag-free servers. Apex Hosting's dedicated hardware includes high-clocked CPUs and SSD hard drives, which provide high TPS and lag-free servers. Apex Hosting offers 2GB RAM as their cheapest plan for $7.49 and $9.99 for each subsequent month.

These are the top Minecraft server hosting services

1. Hostinger

The best overall Minecraft server host

There are many reasons to buy

Hostinger offers the best web hosting solutions for your website. They also specialize in Minecraft server hosting. These plans include resources to maximize Minecraft's performance.

Hostinger allows you to set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server in seconds. This saves precious time and costs only $8.95 per month. Hostinger plans include 2GB to 8GB memory of Minecraft hosting, dual CPUs and full-time support.

Hostinger allows you to manage your VPS in a few clicks. It also prioritizes your privacy and security and offers a money back guarantee.

You can set up your server instantly by clicking the button. Once you have registered and paid for an account, you are good to go. Hostinger is not only time-saving and convenient. You can back up your files in one click. Modpacks and plugins can be installed through the control panel. Hostinger's support team is available to answer your questions about setting up your Minecraft server. They also provide helpful online tutorials.

Hostinger provides Minecraft hosting servers in five countries, including the United States, UK, Netherlands and Singapore.

2. Shockbyte

A well-respected Minecraft hosting company

There are many reasons to buy

Shockbyte is a specialist in game server support and does not only cater to Minecraft players. This provider hosts other game servers such as Rust and Ark: Survival Evolved. Shockbyte provides server rentals starting at $9.99 and includes 24/7 customer service across three continents.

The Minecraft server hosting plan includes a free subdomain and an automated system that assists with instant setup, 100% DDoS protection, and 100% uptime. Plans start at $2.50 and include 1GB to 16GB RAM.

Shockbyte is a well-respected Minecraft host and provides powerful hardware. It also supports Java Edition and Bedrock Edition in all Minecraft server version versions, including Spigot, CraftBukkit and Sponge, BungeeCord and Vanilla.

The highest subscription tiers at Shockbyte, the Spartan Plan/Zeus Plan and Titan Plan, are appropriately named for their high performance, including unlimited slots, 10GB, 12GB, and 16GB RAM.

This guarantees a smooth multiplayer gaming experience that is free from downtime. Shockbyte can help you create a plan that meets your specific gaming requirements if you don't like any of the plans.

3. Apex Hosting

We promise high quality support and fast servers

There are many reasons to buy

Isn't it tempting to be able to install and play your modpack in one click? Apex Hosting makes Minecraft hosting easy. This provider offers everything you need, from mods and plugins to mini-games and maps.

Apex Hosting also offers 16 server locations, which include the USA, Canada, Brazil and Poland as well as Australia, China, Australia, Israel, Australia and China. You can keep latency low with the many server locations.

Apex Hosting is favored by many Minecraft enthusiasts for its full server control, as well as world-class support and tons of server versions. Apex Hosting offers automated backups that provide safety for your files.

Apex Hosting's lag-free servers have made it a well-known provider. These servers are also fully secured and offer a user-friendly control panel that is easy to navigate. They also provide quality help such as video tutorials for beginners (and 24/7 customer support for those who need it).

4. Bisect Hosting

Hosting that is affordable and offers a lot of flexibility

There are many reasons to buy

Bisect Hosting is praised for its commitment to making Minecraft server hosting easy and affordable. This is based on the firsthand experience of the founders as past and present server owners. With their unlimited slots, Bisect servers will not let you down whether you host a small or large multiplayer community.

Bisect Hosting offers a variety of options for Minecraft server hosting. They offer budget and premium packages that range from 1GB to 32GB RAM. Prices start at $7.99 per monthly. Bisect Hosting offers easy setup, unlimited slots (in premium packages), free MySQL and modpack updates. This makes it an attractive option.

You can choose from a range of premium and budget packages that will allow you to select the features you need. 24/7 support is available to ensure you have all the assistance you may need.

There are eight servers located around the world, which means you have many options to ensure that latency is minimized. These servers are strategically located in the US (in California and Florida, Texas, Oregon, New York), and also in the UK, France and Poland. Your server is protected from DDoS attacks without additional costs.

5. ScalaCube

This is a great option for people on a tight budget

There are many reasons to buy

ScalaCube offers Minecraft server hosting at an affordable price. The first month costs $2.50 and the second month $5.

It supports single-click installation of any modpack that you might want, and you can even create your own Minecraft launcher with custom forge servers. You can configure your server's settings in a matter of seconds using the launcher – an advantage that you won't find anywhere else.

ScalaCube's strengths include its easy-to-use interface, which is well-designed and navigable, stability, great support staff, and lag-free service. ScalaCube offers BungeeCord, modpack support and full file access. It also provides a backup system, website/forum and MySQL. This provider offers great value for money.

There is a 99.9% uptime promise and unlimited slots on servers to enhance your gaming experience. There are many server locations available in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

ScalaCube has many options when it comes to choosing a Minecraft server.

Pros and cons of Minecraft server hosting

Minecraft servers are a place you can create and invite your friends to use. You can always set up your private Minecraft server on your own computer. However, there are many issues. Not the least of these is that you need to be very tech-savvy and have a good understanding of your network.

You might not be able to properly configure the server, which could prove to be a nightmare.

There may be issues with bandwidth depending on your internet connection.

Many people choose to outsource the management of their Minecraft server to a hosting company.

Hosting a game server is similar to hosting a website. Web hosting allows a third party to manage the website's file storage, including images, videos, and other media. The website host rents the server hardware that runs the website – without it, the site wouldn't exist.

The game server hosting process works the same as web hosting. A monthly recurring fee is required to rent the hardware. One question that you might have is: Is it worth paying for this type of service?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of hosting your Minecraft server through a company.

Securer privacy and security. You may have heard it a few hundred times: Joining third-party Minecraft servers (public IPs) can increase your risk of data theft. You can run the server yourself, which has obvious security benefits.

You don't need to install one modpack after the other. You can switch modpacks easily and there are tons available on your Minecraft server.

Potential to generate income. Although it may seem unlikely, you might still consider investing in a Minecraft server. It is best to aim higher than the expected donations in order to keep the server afloat. While successful Minecraft servers can generate profit quickly, it is often after difficult and nerve-racking efforts to gain visibility.

You have complete control. This advantage is not something you need to be, but managing a Minecraft server gives you the ability to control everything. As it were, you are the master of your Minecraft destiny.

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks:

Hosting issues are inevitable. It's not all about keeping a Minecraft server running smoothly. Minecraft servers that fail to last are often due to hosting problems. Although it may seem like a straightforward task, it can have many challenges. You might have to change hosting providers multiple times before you find the one that you are most comfortable with. Then you will need to deal with specific issues for each hosting company to keep your server alive.

Spending more money. Hosting is an expense. Trying to get more people to visit your Minecraft server will also cost money. It is possible that you could be out of pocket if the server is just maintained for a longer time.

You can't stop playing! Hosting a Minecraft server or running it yourself at home, and dealing with technical issues, as well as potentially marketing the server, can all be time-consuming. Maybe to the point that you find it difficult to find time to play Minecraft.

Hosting your Minecraft server

Once you have decided that you want to run your Minecraft server through a host, the next step will be to find the right hosting company. We've already discussed the best options (see above).

There are many factors to consider when choosing a host. Let's wrap up this article by listing some key considerations you may want to consider as part of your decision making process in order to find the best Minecraft server hosting provider.

Hardware: When playing online multiplayer games, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of hardware. Minecraft can be very demanding if you have multiple players using different mods. It is crucial to choose the right processor and enough RAM to support your multiplayer environment. The hardware is a major factor in choosing the right hosting provider for your Minecraft server.

Prices: Since you are relying on third party services to host your Minecraft server, prices will be an issue. Your hosting service will not only provide hardware but also security, maintenance, plugins and other features. Hosting companies offer a variety of plans to suit your needs.

Simple configuration: It's obvious that you don't want a complicated setup. Providers who offer a quick and easy setup are attractive. It's all well and good to be beginner-friendly. However, you should also ensure that your hosting company allows you complete control over the server, so you can make any changes.

Support: Even with the best hosting companies there is always a chance things could go wrong. It's not uncommon to need customer support. It doesn't matter if you are unable to make changes to an important setting or need assistance in responding to a DDoS attack. Customer support is crucial. Downtime can cause serious disruption to your players.

Maintenance: In general, it is vital that the server be available at all times. Otherwise, players may leave and take their game elsewhere. You'll also lose money. This is something you want to avoid. FTP access is a must when switching between mods or a web-based control board.