Keralis – Minecraft Youtuber

Keralis is who? Keralis, who was born April 30, 1980, is 40 years old. Although his real name is Arek Roman Lisowski, he prefers to be called ‘Keralis’ online. Taurus is his zodiac sign. Keralis was also born in Poland, but now resides in Sweden. He is also of Caucasian descent and practices Christianity. Keralis … Read more

The Best Minecraft Mods

Applied Energistics Everyone is a bit hoarder in Minecraft. Applied Energistics makes it easy to be one. This mod stores all your items by turning them to energy and then stores them on hard drives in your base. You can access all your items wirelessly from any place in your base. The storage options are … Read more

Using banners in Minecraft

Banners can be used as a decorative item in Minecraft. Banners can be used to display many different patterns and images in Minecraft. A banner can hold almost any design or image through intricate design. A Minecraft banner can have many different designs. Many of these require only a single item to be placed in the loom. This … Read more

What to build in Minecraft

The much-anticipated Minecraft 1.18 update has almost arrived. This update, which is expected to bring a number of new features to Minecraft, will be available in just a few hours. Soon, players will notice a change in the way their worlds look in-game. Minecraft 1.18 is the second part in the Caves & Cliffs update. It will … Read more

Best enchantments for new players

It can be daunting to try out the art of enchanting in Minecraft for the first time. There are many enchantments and the game doesn’t give any explanations. There are many enchantments available for Minecraft players, so it is important that they stick to a few when they first start. Protection is one of the most … Read more

Cute and wholesome Minecraft inspired lego set

Minecraft is a hugely popular brand. This means it has a lot of merchandise that isn’t digital. LEGO sets are an example of this brand’s extension. The LEGO sets are available in a variety of sizes and prices. You can buy individual pieces that represent features in the game’s digital world. Many players do this to build … Read more

Monster hunted achievement guide in Minecraft

Minecraft Java Edition offers a variety of advancements that players can complete while exploring the ever-expanding landscapes. Although advancements are not necessary, some players prefer to have all of them. Many advancements are easy to obtain and can be completed while you’re playing the game. Some advancements are more difficult and require extra effort. Monsters … Read more

Best Minecraft hosting (for servers)

Minecraft is more than a videogame. Minecraft is not just for the younger generation. Adults are equally attracted to this gaming phenomenon. It has sold over 200 million copies and continues to be one of the most popular game franchises. There are many dedicated servers for Minecraft multiplayer. But, don’t forget to register your IP … Read more


Hypixel was the original inventor of Bedwars. It has since become a popular feature on Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers. Bedwars is a game mode that pits players against one another, usually in four-player teams. The goal is to destroy the enemy’s bed and protect their own. Players have the option of equipping swords, bows, arrows, … Read more