Cute and wholesome Minecraft inspired lego set

01. 02. 2023

Cute and wholesome Minecraft inspired lego set

Minecraft is a hugely popular brand. This means it has a lot of merchandise that isn't digital. LEGO sets are an example of this brand's extension. The LEGO sets are available in a variety of sizes and prices.

You can buy individual pieces that represent features in the game's digital world. Many players do this to build their entire LEGO game-themed LEGO set slowly and steadily. Redditor Kaanfroin is one such person, who built an entire LEGO set using the game's theme.

Minecraft Redditor builds a LEGO set IRL inspired by Minecraft

The user answered that it took nearly 4 months to build. He bought all the pieces at different times.

This detailed set includes hundreds of LEGO pieces that make up different parts of the game's world. The base is made from green pieces that represent grass blocks. You can see large figures of the game loitering on the physical map, including a Creeper and Pig. It also has some baby Pigs on its back.

The set contains tons of models for players. Some models can be seen using diamond pickaxes, while others hold diamond swords. The spaces between the grass pieces are covered with blue LEGO pieces that represent water. You can see a player rowing across the water with a boat.

Common sights include skeletons, wolves and pandas. At the top of the set, a swarm zombies, creepers and skeleton are seen following the player. The set also contains horses, foxes and bees.

On the right side of this collection is a small village with houses from various biomes, an Iron Golem, villagers and pillagers. The wandering reader, his llamas and husks can also be seen. The Nether fortress is located to the left. Here you will find various Nether mobs such as piglins and wither skeletons.

Reactions from the community to the IRL Minecraft LEGO set

The post has a few comments. The post received a few comments from players who shared their experiences with building LEGO sets, and others that complimented it.

Reddit has a large and active community for Minecraft. There are many game-related subreddits on Reddit, with r/Minecraft the most popular. These official subreddits allow players to showcase and post their in-game builds and ideas, as well as suggestions, seeds and screenshots.