Monster hunted achievement guide in Minecraft

12. 18. 2022

Monster hunted achievement guide in Minecraft

Minecraft Java Edition offers a variety of advancements that players can complete while exploring the ever-expanding landscapes. Although advancements are not necessary, some players prefer to have all of them.

Many advancements are easy to obtain and can be completed while you're playing the game. Some advancements are more difficult and require extra effort. Monsters Hunted in Minecraft is an example of such an advancement.

All advancements are possible for players who want to be successful. This article explains how to advance in Java Edition Monsters Hunters.

Advancement in Minecraft: Monsters Hunted
Monsters Hunted in Minecraft is a challenge progression. This advancement's description says: Kill all hostile monsters.

Players will come across many mobs in almost infinite worlds. Many of them are hostile. Monsters Hunted advancement requires that a player kill every hostile mob within the game.

This is why advancement is one of the most difficult as players must travel to every dimension and kill every mob at least once. Below is a list of mobs that players must kill in order to gain Monsters Hunted advancement. Also, where can you find them?

Blaze – Spawn in nether fortress
Cave spider – Spawned by spider spawners found in mineshafts
Creeper – Spawn in the Overworld
Drowned – Spawn in rivers and oceans
Elder guardian – Spawn in ocean monument
Ender dragon – Spawn in the End
Enderman – Spawn in all three dimensions
Endermite – Tiny chance to be spawned by ender pearls
Evoker – Spawn during raids and in woodland mansions
Ghast – Spawn in the Nether
Guardian – Spawn in ocean monument
Hoglin – Spawn in crimson forests
Husk – Spawn in deserts
Magma cube – Spawn in the Nether, commonly in basalt deltas
Phantom – Spawn during the night if a player has not slept for four days
Piglin – Spawn in the Nether
Piglin brute – Spawn in bastion remnants
Pillager – Spawn in pillager outposts and during raids
Ravager – Spawn during raids
Shulker – Spawn in end cities
Silverfish – Hidden in stone blocks inside mountains, mansions, igloo basements, and strongholds
Skeleton – Spawn in the Overworld and soul sand valley
Slime – Spawn in slime chunks
Spider – Spawn in the Overworld
Stray – Spawn in snowy biomes
Vex – Spawned by evokers
Vindicator – Spawn in woodland mansions and during raids
Witch – Spawn in the Overworld, witch huts, and during raids
Wither – Spawned by the player
Skeleton – Spawn in the Overworld
Zoglin – Hoglin turns into zoglin in the Overworld
Zombie – Spawn in the Overworld
Zombie Villager – Spawn in the Overworld or zombie converts villager
Zombified piglin – Piglin turns into zombified piglin in the Overworld
The Overworld is home to most of the mobs listed above. Minecraft players will need to travel to the Nether in order for them to kill the Nether mobs. Players will need to also visit the End in order to kill the Ender Dragons and the shulkers.