The Best Minecraft Mods

12. 08. 2022

The Best Minecraft Mods

Applied Energistics

Everyone is a bit hoarder in Minecraft. Applied Energistics makes it easy to be one. This mod stores all your items by turning them to energy and then stores them on hard drives in your base. You can access all your items wirelessly from any place in your base. The storage options are almost limitless.

Just Enough Items

It is difficult to remember why Minecraft has so many materials. Just Enough Items allows you to hover over any item to check its uses and add icons into the empty space at the top of the menu. Based on the no longer-available Not Enough Items mod JEI provides the same text-based search tool to locate any recipe and determine what materials you still have. For cool new additions such as dungeon loot, you can also check out the Just Enough Resources addon.


CraftTweaker is a great starting point for anyone who wants to make their own Minecraft modding. You can modify properties in-game. For example, you can swap out recipe components or make an item less effective for a survival server where you must avoid starvation. You can also create your own custom blocks and items. It requires scripting knowledge so be prepared to study its wiki.


Do you ever forget your map at home? Then, you go so far exploring that your home is no longer visible and you don't have the resources you spent hours collecting. This mod will stop it from happening again. You can create waystones and place them around the world. Then, you can use a Warp Scroll to go back to where you were. In case you lose your stuff or die, you can add a button in your inventory that will warp you anywhere you want, even if you don't have an item.


DimensionalDoors are a little like the waystones. These doors work in a similar way, but instead of leading you from one place to another, they can take you into your own pocket dimension. They allow you to access unlimited space. It can be used for storage, but it can also serve as a waystone without scrolls or stones. Each one can lead to another that you place anywhere you like.


A map or compass is a tool that allows you to eliminate any mystery and know exactly where you are. VoxelMap is an alternative to Journeymap, which only works in 1.15. It displays a mini-map and a full-screen map of all the places you've visited, mirrored to look like any resource packs or biomes you have downloaded. You will also see icons for NPCs and waypoints that you can teleport to.

Nature's Compass

Compasses that point only north are so simple. This modified compass will point you to any nearby biome that you desire. Right-click the compass to open a list of nearby environments. Select one to be your heading for your next quest. The Nature's Compass mod is able to detect modded biomes, which we'll refer to below, so you can search for the strange and wacky worlds that you've just downloaded.


It can be difficult to keep track of all the mods you have installed once you have a lot of them. The Controlling mod allows the user to pull up a search bar that will allow them to locate actions and the key they are mapped. Controlling is essential for anyone who uses dozens of mods.

Expand your world

Biomes O' Plenty

Minecraft's biomes can be quite uniform and can become monotonous after hundreds of hours spent in the same forests and islands. Biomes O' Plenty creates new environments and climates. These include alps and volcanoes, new forest types, new groves, and tropics both at ground level and in the crystalline chasms below. Your world will feel more real than ever with new plants and blocks everywhere.

Pam's HarvestCraft 2

This mod adds 50 fruit and nuts trees, 75 crops, 120 foods, and new tools such as a juicer, a skillet, bakeware, etc. to ensure your avatar eats all food groups. You can find new biomes where crops and trees spawn, which rewards you for discovering new ingredients to make fun recipes. Only the Food Core mod currently works with 1.16. However, these mods are regularly updated and we expect to see the other mods soon.


Quark is a collection of small improvements that are unthemed. It adds creatures to the mix and tools that you'll be amazed why Mojang didn't add them. Our favorite features among the 120-plus new features. The throwable pickarang, which breaks down blocks and returns with materials; the skittish stoneling fairies, that spawn underground, are tamed and love being fed rocks; inventory sorting according to categories; beautiful new brick types; hidden, underground megadungeons.

Aquaculture 2

Base-game fishing is limited and functional. You can only catch four types and some items of fish. The rod cannot be customized. Aquaculture 2 introduces more than 30 new fish from different biomes. It allows you to customize your line and tackle, create hooks and bait for better catching chances and lets you cook your fish into fillets. You can catch them all!

Worley's Caves/YUNG's Better Caves

While most mods tend to modify biomes on the surface of the game, these mods give the underground more personality. This means you spend less time searching for open spaces and less time mining. Worley's Caves transforms the underground into a customizable, infinitely-generating maze of rooms with mobs ready for action from every corner. YUNG's Better Caves focuses on different types of customizable environments. These include poison lakes and flooded caverns. Each new area is a delight to discover.

The Endergetic Expansion

You're not going on a field trip to take a portal to end. Instead, you're there to fight mobs and defeat the Ender dragon. After that, there's nothing left to do or see that will make you want to return. This expansion adds new biomes, critters, food, blocks, bosses, and even a new expansion.

Simply Jetpacks 2

A jetpack is a great option for a vast world like Minecraft. The mod allows you to create different types of jetpacks, with different armor ratings and max speeds. You can also build a Fluxpack which protects you from the elements and charges any modded items in your inventory with Forge Energy.

Advanced Hook Launchers

These grappling hooks can make flying around the world a lot easier. You can make a sticky web hook to climb up or rappel down high structures, a pudgehook to catch enemies in multiplayer, and a spear hook that is used for climbing, but which also serves as a powerful weapon against flying creatures such as dragons.


Origins is a popular mod that adds a RPG-like flavor to Minecraft. When you start a game, you choose a class to represent your character. Each class has a unique trait and weaknesses that can spice up the experience. The Enderian allows you to teleport like you had Enderpears but takes damage when you touch water. The Avian can slow down fall but must sleep at high altitudes and can't eat meat to name two.

Explore custom worlds


Mekanism is a mods set that will transform your Minecraft system from traditional mining to a more modern industrial age. This option adds a robot companion and fusion reactors to your game. You can also add other technology to help you build entire cities.


Vampirism is a new gameplay feature in Minecraft that allows you to become a vampire and feed on the villagers. Or, it will help you be the hero who has the most stake and can eliminate all the vampires that are following you. This mod adds RPG-style skills to hunters and vampires.

This mod allows you level up with vampire rituals and tricks out your vampire lair using unique coffins or blood storage. Vampirism also offers village biomes with NPCs to protect and feed upon, vampire barons that have mobs of baddies, and a castle that may be Dracula's.


Botania is a mod that uses natural magic tech to integrate into Minecraft's vanilla game. To earn Mana, players must harvest 16 new Mystical flowers. To beautify your world further, you can use the Mana that you have gathered to create even more beautiful flowers.

Your flowers' power can be harnessed to create magical generators that generate materials. This can be achieved by using an in-world UI instead of a custom one.

SkyFactory 4

This is the latest version of SkyFactory's game mode. It makes building a world in the sky much simpler and more fun. The process of gathering resources is faster, which allows you to get on with the fun stuff and not have to wait or babysit. You also get a new achievement system that will help you direct your building and a Prestige mode that allows you to gain access to new tech in any worlds that you create in this mod.

Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

Base Minecraft is not random at this point, but it is well-known backwards and forwards. This mod will inject excitement and, most importantly, danger back into your Minecraft experience. It not only adds new environments, recipes, dungeons, and threats, but it also allows for them to be added. It makes loot hunting fun again. The focus is less on long-term survival and more about high-action, high reward runs.